The pandemic and lockdowns brought big technical challenges. The necessity of working completely alone in a home studio and the impossibility of accessing materials or supplemental tools meant executing every step of the creative process solo using only the materials and equipment already at hand.
Despite these constraints the result is elegant and playful.

The “Grec” (Greek in Catalan) Festival of Barcelona takes its name from The Grec Theatre of Montjuïch, an open-air theatre inaugurated during the 1929 Universal Exhibition. Becoming the main event for
the summer in the city with theatre, dance, music and circus, in 2018 celebrates its fortieth-two edition.

Under the idea of “new species” we created the 4 main images for the campaign: 4 different masks playing with the concept of new rare species that nobody has seen before.

The original idea was to reference classical architecture to showcase the simple classic designs of Tiffany & Co.'s jewellery. I constructed tactile, dynamic structures where shapes and reflections, white gold and diamonds could interact with Tiffany’s unmistakable blue.

Flipping the original image on its head shifted the perspective and brought more movement to the set. The eye is drawn to unexpected places and emotions. Elevation becomes depth. Shade becomes light.

To do so, at Lobulo Studio we decided to use ballon figures as a metaphor for a sexual encounter.
However, that is represented with no specific gender, nor sexual orientation, nor even sex itself ... a neutral, non-aggressive environment that somehow ends up having a fetishistic point and ultimately erotic.

Although we know that the change of trend has begun, we are conscious that the real transformation of the Show will be a mid-long term achievement, not only in the graphics but also in the audience perception.

This campaign was launched in September 2018 with great reception and impact on social networks.



Jewery: Tiffany&Co
Art Direction and making: Lobulo

Photography: Lobulo

Lobulo Studio © London —

Lobulo Studio © London —

New Business US — Ben

New Business US — Ben