Tesco Health

Moving from unhealthy habits onto a wellbeing plan seems an impossible achievement but for Tesco was a matter of principles so they were determined spreading the word everywhere through their magazines and promotional materials.

We created a series of illustrations to reflect the benefits of a healthy life, not just through what we eat but also including other healthy habits like using the bike to commute to work or walking instead of taking the bus.

As the audience was diverse we opt for using clear memorable objects and avoiding elements that probably could have only being recognized by a niche target.

That’s why you can see an apple, a sandwich or a bike and not quinoa, halloumi cheese or a kettlebell.



Client: Tesco
Art Direction and making: Lobulo
Producer: Jelly
Photography: Lobulo

Lobulo Studio © London — hello@lobulostudio.com

Lobulo Studio © London — design@lobulodesign.com

New Business US — Ben Ardittiben@reach.tv

New Business US — Ben Ardittiben@reach.tv